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Build and grow stronger relationships online

Understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the management platform built for connection.


From monologue to dialogue

In everything we do, the focus is always on the customer with his requirement profile. Our communication is proactively aligned for the best possible result. Our credo is: from monologue to dialogue for a creative mix of possibilities and professional solutions.


Built from discovery

Brilliant design isn’t intuitive, it’s data-driven. Our approach starts with learning your business, your customers, and conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your site’s performance and user engagement. With this information, we identify your current issues, flag areas for improvement, and lay the foundation for building a better user experience. 

Why invest in Insights?

Increase conversion

Pinpoint exactly where your users are struggling and zero in on possible solutions.  Factors like CTA (Call-To-Action) placement, time spent at checkout, scrolling tendencies, and more reveal your site’s sticking points. By observing clicks, scroll, and mouse movements, we help you find immediate ways to optimize your website’s performance.

Built right for your business​

Decrease bounce

We analyze your user’s journey from the homepage through checkout, tracking measurables like scroll patterns, time spent on-page, and mouse path. Using metrics like these cuts down on-page errors reveals scenarios that produce bugs, and ensures that shoppers see the information needed to encourage further browsing. 

Ease decision making

Spend your time and money on the issues that yield the greatest return. Detailed data on websites issues and their frequency help prioritize solutions, so the direction to improve your site has a positive impact you expect.

What LONZO delivers

Expert evaluations

Qualitative assessments like competitive analysis, usability review, and a heuristic website evaluation identifies your brand’s relative strengths and weaknesses. This tells us your website’s position in your industry’s landscape and what work is needed to make you a leader of the pack.

Analytics review

We use quantitative metrics to understand what your customers are (or aren’t) doing and how they’re doing it. These numbers highlight strong website performance and areas that have room to grow. 

Heat/Click maps

Wondering why certain areas of your site are not engaging users? These high-quality visual diagrams measure mouse movements and click to identify user interactivity. We separately review desktop and mobile, accounting for the behavioural differences they present.

Built right for your business

Our comprehensive approach means you get a site that’s built to convert, scale, and thrive. 

Define / Research / Design/ Code / Launch

Intuitive features tailored for your B2B e-commerce means your clients get the personalized service they appreciate from your business. 

Pulse of time

In line with the various trends, we are always up to date with our services. We work according to our LONZO principle so that you, too, are up to date with your company in the market and reach your desired target group.

LONZO stands for quality over quantity. Our team of experts stands for a needs-oriented, dynamic range of services.

I am convinced that creativity and technology represent a perfect symbiosis and form the basis for your business success with efficient online marketing.

Toby Karlevid
Founder, LONZO

LONZO – Websites for Small Business / +43 664 388 78 44 / Villach, Austria