Gain more customers

Make sure customers choose your business when they search Google, Facebook, and other online maps and apps.

Local marketing and listings for your company

Thats what our customers say

97% of people find out about a local business online.

LONZO Cloud helps you to improve your online presence by using the most important factors for visitors and search engines alike.

LONZO cloud

Manage and synchronize business listings

Put all of your websites on the platforms that are important to your customers. On apps, maps and other online platforms, consumers look for things that they want “here and now”. Show yourself to your customers, show control at this precise moment and take control of the customer journey.

LONZO 360 ° Cloud Platform


Manage your online offers on many platforms


Reach customers with solid online status


Quickly post the latest updates and offers


Get monthly reports and insights

Make yourself the result of the local search

Be exactly where your customers are when they are looking for your products or services nearby. We create, manage and optimize your online visibility through local business listings: This is how we help you to be at the top of local searches – on Google, Bing, Facebook and Co.

Get your business on the cards – and in the apps

Give your business the attention it deserves and make it visible on the leading apps and map services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze and many more! We create and maintain your local listings on the online platforms that matter.

More security with up-to-date and correct data

After we have published your listings on all relevant online platforms, our job does not stop: We keep you up to date, suppress duplicates and prevent incorrect business information.

Connect (and bond) with your customers

We help you to post exciting and convincing articles for your business listings and social channels. This gives your customers even more reasons to visit your stores.

Make online reviews a success factor

Customers clearly prefer to go to stores that respond to online reviews. Our team can help you and respond to the reviews of your customers in such a way that your rating improves sustainably – and you win even more loyal customers.

Measurable effectiveness of your success

We check the results and share them with you. This will enable us to confirm that you are pursuing the right strategy – just like our satisfied ones

Who is behind it?

Our customer relationships are based on trust and transparency.

From advice, guidance, personal support to reporting, we are your partner for efficient local marketing.

In everything we do, the focus is always on the customer with his or her individual requirement profile.

Our communication is proactive for the best possible result.

Our philosophy is: from monologue to dialogue for a creative mix of possibilities and professional solutions.

In line with the latest trends, we always have our finger on the pulse with our services.

According to our LONZO principle, we work to ensure that you and your company are “up to date” on the market and that you reach your desired target group.

LONZO stands for quality over quantity

Toby Karlevid, Founder, LONZO

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