We tailor your hosting environment and run it for you

It’s simple. If you have enough traffic, you should have a Manged Service. One that’s affordable, reliable, flexible — our Managed WordPress Service is a bit like having your own personal tech team. Let us care for your Website.


Managed WordPress hosting is a bit like having your own personal tech team. It’s a hosting solution that is tailor-made (and super optimized) for WordPress sites, and it’s step-up from the cheaper ‘shared hosting’ options. The best thing about it? It takes care of all the technical bits behind the scenes, so you can focus on growing your site. Managed hosting keeps your website fully updated so it’s lightning fast and high performance.


Security is perhaps the biggest incentive to upgrade to a managed host. The auto-updates and specialist hosting environment mean it’s better guarded against hackers and other security issues. Not many hosting platforms run regular security checks. LONZO run daily checks and actively remove malware.


Your website requires the flexibility and intelligence of an elastic network to combat the biggest and newest attacks. It’s important to ensure that performance is never sacrificed for security. Also avoiding configuration errors which can introduce security vulnerabilities.

Managed WordPress hosting platforms with daily backups. You can sleep soundly knowing you won’t lose your website if the worst happens!