Keeping your data secure and safe

LONZO is hosted by Google, one of the leading provider of cloud computing platform-as-a-service, valued by customers for ease of use, automation, and reliability and durability.

Data Centers

The physical infrastructure is hosted and managed inside Google’s secure data center and utilize the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technology. Google continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. Google’s data centers operations have been accredited under:

  • ISO 27001 – Managing information risks
  • ISO 27017 – Controlling cloud-based information security
  • ISO 27018 – Protecting personal data.
  • SOC 2 – Controls over security, availability, and confidentiality
  • SOC 3 – Public report of controls over security, availability, and confidentiality

Physical Security

Google Cloud’s security model, world-scale infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant. Google develop and deploy infrastructure software using rigorous security practices. Google operations teams detect and respond to threats to the infrastructure from both insiders and external actors, 24/7/365. More information about Google’s Security you find here,

Backups and databases

Our applications are automatically backed up as part of the deployment process on secure, access controlled, and redundant storage. We use these backups to deploy the application across the platform and to automatically bring the application back online in the event of an outage Continuous Protection keeps data safe on our databases. Every change to your data is written to write-ahead logs, which are shipped to multi-datacenter, high-durability storage. In the unlikely event of unrecoverable hardware failure, these logs can be automatically ‘replayed’ to recover the database to within seconds of its last known state.

The platform

The platform is designed for stability, scaling, and inherently mitigates common issues that lead to outages while maintaining recovery capabilities. Our platform maintains redundancy to prevent single points of failure, is able to replace failed components, and utilizes multiple data centres designed for resiliency. In the case of an outage, the platform is deployed across multiple data centers using current system images and data is restored from backups.

Disaster recovery applications and databases

The platform we use automatically restores applications and databases in the case of an outage. The platform is designed to dynamically deploy applications within the cloud, monitor for failures, and recover failed platform components including customer applications and databases.

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