We are trying to be as transparent as possible. So we put up a list with all our services that we use.


Keeping your data secure and safe

LONZO is hosted by Vultr, one of the leading provider of cloud computing platform-as-a-service, valued by customers for ease of use, automation, and reliability and durability.

Data Centers

The physical infrastructure is hosted and managed inside Vultr’s secure data center. Vultr continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Backups and databases

Our applications are automatically backed up as part of the deployment process on secure, access controlled, and redundant storage. We use these backups to deploy the application across the platform and to automatically bring the application back online in the event of an outage. We keep the data for 14 days.

Disaster recovery applications and databases

The platform we use automatically restores applications and databases in the case of an outage. Every VPS have the extra Vultr Backup.

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